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Enzo Casino | The Best App for Laptops and Mobile Gadgets

The competition between online gambling institutions keeps growing, that’s for sure. Which is why it is not enough for casinos to simply exist. They have to stand out to gain permanent customers. They have to be able to provide their gamblers with the widest and coolest diapason of games, offer the most generous offers of prizes, provide the highest level of security and help center. The place needs to be memorable.

How to pick such place? How not to make mistakes? Which gambling room to select, so there will be no regrets? We can help you with these as well. In this article, we are going to present you one of the most loved casino in all world countries, whether it is New Zealand or England, or other countries. People from different parts and parcels of the world go to the site, sign up and try themselves in gambling activity.

The topic of today’s review is casino named as Enzo. This place has got Curacao license and operates under it showing that you are going to play in absolutely legal casino. Plus, it always cares about the safety of your data and you as well. For this, the portal published the fast link named “Responsible Gaming”, in which it is explained that you have to control your gambling activity, so it could not grow into addiction. So, let’s get to the chase? Are you ready to start our review? We are so ready!

Why is it Worth to Choose EnzoCasino?

Enzo Casino is an online gambling institution that was established in 2016. As it can be seen, the portal operates only for 3 years, maybe, a little more. But see how greatly it is running to the top of the gambling world! It has been operating only for 3 years, but already managed to become one of the most wanted casino to play in. Numerous customers adore this gaming room and like to come back here every day.

Today, we are going to tell you about its games spectrum, about generous bonuses and promos that the portal can offer, about its appearance, language versions and process of registration. We also are going to tell you about the level of support center work and about what security measures were taken to protect the customers’ data. We will also attach pictures of the official website, so it would be easier for you perception. So, let’s not make the general information part too long and let’s get to the topic. Are you ready? Scroll down!

Appearance of the Site

No wonder if your first impression about Enzo casino will fully depend on the appearance of its website. Most people form their first impressions from what their eyes can catch. When you go the official website by the link, you will be able to observe the home page as well.

In the left upper corner, there 4 sections displayed. Among them, you can see section “Promotions”, section “Support”, section “Getting Started” and section “VIP”. Plus, you can see the logo of the portal here which is designed with white, yellow and black colors. In the right upper corner, you can see sections “English” (for choosing a language, and once you changed the language, the section will carry its name) and “Live Chat”. Plus, there are buttons “Sign Up” and “Login”.

As we have already said, you can switch to another language and set the other version. There are 10 language versions from which you can pick the most suitable one. The listing of available languages is attached above.

The bottom of the page is unique because you can find a lot of useful information that may come in handy someday. There, you can discover the details about gained licenses, companies that EnzoCasino coworks with and payment methods (PM). What payment methods can be used?

  • PM MasterCard;
  • PM Maestro;
  • PM Visa;
  • PM Neteller;
  • PM PaySafeCard;
  • PM Skrill (former PM Moneybookers);
  • PM EcoPayz;
  • PM Bitcoin System.

Plus, there are 11 “fast links” which you can get acquainted with. In case of emergency or necessity to get some additional information, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and check those links for finding answers.

Process of Registration

Lots of gamblers find it boring and annoying to sign up on the casino, but still, no matter how much thay do not want to do it, they have no choice. If to talk about EnzoCasino, we should say that the process of registration is too easy here. It can be completed within three easy steps.

The first step supposes coming up with a unique username, entering your email, coming up with a strong (preferably) password. Also, you will need to retype your password to remember it. If you have any bonus code, enter it right in the line named as “Bonus Code”. The last thing until getting to the step №2 is to accept the terms and the fact that you are over 18.

The second step supposes mentioning both first and last names, your birth date and selecting gender (male/female). Also, you will need to choose a preferable language. Then, it will be a necessity to pick your place of residence (country, city and the exact address) + leave the postcode/zip. In the end, you will have to leave your contact number. After, press the button “Finish”.

After you press the button, you will get the window with the heading “My Account”. Here, you are going to choose your country again, preferred payment option, the sum of future deposit and bonus code, if you have any. You will need to do this if you choose the category “Deposit”. The other steps are required if you pick the other section. It makes no sense to talk about each category, because the process is intuitive and you will understand what steps need to be done within every chosen process.

Games Diapason

Enzo is the casino that is not only safe for playing, but also interesting and far from boring in the terms of gaming range. If you go the page with the whole diapason of available free games, you will see 12 categories from which you can pick the most suitable option.

What those options are? See for yourself.

  • “Featured Games”;
  • “New Games”;
  • “Video Slots” (has subcategories);
  • “Live Casino” (has subcategories);
  • “Card & Table Games” (has subcategories);
  • “Classic Slots” (has subcategories);
  • “Scratch Games”;
  • “Video Poker”;
  • “Micro Bets”;
  • “VIP Games”;
  • “Jackpot Games”;
  • “Action Games” (has subcategories).

Choose one of those options or start searching for the needed game, if you have the exact name of the needed model or if you know the name of the developer. For this, you can make use of the search engine which is displayed above 12 categories. Also, you can choose a game from those that are displayed automatically once you open the tab with games. As a rule, the most popular GM (gaming models) are shown there, such as GM “Game of Thrones”, GM “Jurassic Park”, GM “Avalon”, GM “Immortal Romance”, GM “Red Lion”, GM “Trump It Deluxe” and the others.

Bonuses, Promos and Bonus Codes

The fact that all people love getting prizes and presents would not be a secret for everybody because we all know that already. The talk is not only about birthday presents and gifts for other celebrations, it is also about prizes that online gambling institutions can offer its gamblers. If to talk about gambling world, most people like hearing that the picked gambling website can offer a no deposit bonus, which is understandable, because you do not have to make deposits for getting bonuses.

Though, Enzo casino does not offer a no deposit bonus. But stop getting sad! We bet you would be even happier with the offers of Enzo casino (even if it does not provide no deposit bonus) in comparison with those gambling websites that provide that offer. Enzo cares about its customers and about its own reputation and popularity, which is why the offers here are wonderful. To ensure you, we have surfed the website and managed to attach the picture of two of all available options.

If to talk about the welcome bonus package, we should say that if you want to get it, you should complete the registration process at first. So, what does it provide you with? This offer carries a name of a bonus of 150%. The sum of received bonus money depends on the sum of your deposit.

For example, if you make a deposit of the sum of 20 euros (€), you will get extra 30 euros, and in result, you will be able to play with 50 euros. If you make a deposit of the sum of 300 euros, you will get extra 450 euros, and in result, you will be able to play with 750 euros. If you make a deposit of the sum of 1000 euros, you will get extra 1500 euros, and in result, you will be able to play with 50 euros. The minimum sum for depositing is 20 euros and the maximum sum for depositing is 1000 euros.

There are also other types of offers, such as free spins of different amounts or daily and weekly prizes. Now, there is available offer which is named as “Weekend 100 free spins”. If you accept its terms, you can use promo code “ewk100”.

Support and Help Center

Let’s claim the fact that Enzo casino is a good and reliable place to play in. It works well and does its best to prevent the appearing of possible issues. Though, there may be problems anyway, even if the website works well.

Sometimes, the service can come overloaded which makes it impossible to get to it and gamble. Sometimes, there may be problems that do not depend on how the website is designed and how it operates. Those problems are your own questions and issues. For example, you may forget your password or may not understand what methods can be used to deposit funds and withdraw funds. They can be different.

The most important thing is that you are not alone with your problems. The staff of casino Enzo works all day and all night to help its gamblers to solve all appearing and possible problems. The question lies in the next thing. How can you contact the staff? Where to look for the answers on Is it possible to get immediate problem solvings?

You do not have to go far to find the support center window. All you have to do is to look at the top of the website’s page, find the tab named as “Support” and click on it. Once you make this click, a new tab (which we showed you above) opens. This tab consists of three sections:

  • The section named as “FAQ”. If you click here, you will be able to search for the answers in this section. FAQ stands for frequently (or commonly) asked questions. As a rule, there are questions that approach the topic of payment methods, terms of bonus programs, signing up and so on. Here, it is possible to find the answers that you are looking for.
  • The section named as “Game Rules”. We think that there is not much to say, because the name talks for itself. When you click on this section, you will be able to read about games, its rules and how the whole process works.
  • The section named as “Contact Us”. When you click on this section, you will see 5 lines that must be fulfilled. Those lines are “Your Name”, “Email”, “Phone Number”, “Subject” and “Your Question”. The last line supposes writing all the details of your issue, thanks to which, it will be possible for the staff to provide you with the highest level of support. After all forms are fulfilled, you can click on the button named as “Send” and wait until the answer comes.

Measures of Security

The Internet cannot be counted 100% secure, and we all know that. There are a lot of frauds that find the Web the easiest system to operate in, because here, it is easier to not get caught while doing all these fraud non-legal things. Which is why you need to be aware of what information you share and with whom you share it.

When it comes to gambling websites, you need to be careful even two times more, because casinos are the most attractive platforms for criminals, as there is a lot of money. So, be careful what casinos you gamble with. Fortunately, if you choose Enzo casino, you will not need to worry about the safety of your information, because the portal took care about keeping your information safe and it took important security measures.

For example, casino Enzo uses cookies (small letters and parts that are built in your device for distinguishing your information from information of other customers). Plus, it uses protocol of SSL which helps to encrypt the information that gamblers share with the casino. The other security measure lies in verification your account, so the staff could understand if this is you who is trying to log into your account or not.

Enzo Casino Conclusion

The end of our review will come pretty soon. Before it comes, we want to help you with your decision. If you asked us about our opinion, we would say that casino Enzo definitely deserves your attention and visiting. But for now, it would be appropriate to end our review with a little conclusion on why we recommend you this gambling platform.

Firstly, you will be catched by the appearance of Enzo’s official website. The whole design consists of white, black and yellow colors as dominating tones. The logo is designed with these tones too. The whole interface is easy and makes no problem to navigate through the site’s pages. Also, you can play with this casino both from mobile gadgets and personal computers/laptops. The design can adapt for every gadget.

The registration procedure also causes no problems, because you are literally accompanied by the portal’s instructions on each step of signing up. You will be notified if you need to enter your email or when your forgot to mention something. The registration will not be passed until all lines are fulfilled. If something is not fulfilled, you will be returned to it.

The games diapason include board games, models that can include progressive jackpots, games for VIP members, action games, video/classic slots and so on. The bonuses are also generous and can provide you with a great sum to play in the casino further. Welcome bonus is 150%. The minimum amount is 20 euros. The maximum amount is 1000 euros. So, for example, if you deposit 20 euros, you will get 30 euros, and in result play with 50 euros thanks to this welcome offer.

To protect your data, the casino uses cookies and the latest SSL-protocol. All information is encrypted and shared between you and the casino secretly, so no frauds can get even one step closer to your personal information. If you have got any problem, you can easily press the button “Contact Us” and get support from the casino’s staff.

To end our article, we want to say that our recommendation stays just our recommendation. The decision must be all yours. So, if you decide that you actually want to gamble with Enzo Casino, please, go to the website by the link and show who the king is there! It does not matter if you are from Australia, from Canada or the other country. Everybody can win great prizes! We wish you a lot of luck with this!

Written by Reginald Underwood