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Club Player Casino – Instant Play, Mobile App and Plenty of Promo Codes

The ClubPlayer Casino is a classic example of well-designed and very generous online gambling facility with a great amount of promotions and strong VIP program which is provided to reward the most loyal and dedicated gamblers from Canada to Australia.

It is a good place to gamble in and start if you are novice clubplayer and it is also an ideal choice for the majority of dedicated gamblers who are tired of websites that doesn’t provide real value and do not reward players for the activities as they should.

As for the 2021 standards of the industry there are really no reason to talk about the disadvantages that casino has as totally all the features that are contained on the website are ideally developed and realized.

Anyway, it is time to start from the main reason to consider this outstanding gambling website – its promo codes and welcome pack.


when you get to a casino the first thing you are usually looking for is promotions section where all the bonus codes are stored and that is done for a good reason – most of the casinos are very similar to each other when you analyze the gambling process there and the promo codes usually vary from casino to the casino like giving you a different amount of free spins for example. Of course, that is only eligible if the casino is good at attracting new players, so here you can find it all – from the outstanding loyalty program which is one of the most rewarding from the all of the programs I have seen in 2021 and ending with the welcome offer which we fairly should start from.

Here you will find a very generous offer for the newcomers which can compensate any losses from giving up on other online casino you have gambled in, so we will describe it in details in the sections below and do not also forget about all those perks you get from the start when you get a pleasure from an ideal performance and gaming process implemented here.

You also are going to find all those good bonus codes for the specified types of games so if you are a slots enthusiasts, or you prefer playing table games you are surely going to find some bonus codes that are designed specially for you and you will be surprised with the content of those bonus codes – that is for sure.

All those who think the bonus codes can’t be boosted are also going to be delighted by the approach that is shown by the Club Player Casino concerning this subject as here you will find as much as bonus multiplier – an offer I haven’t seen in other casinos in 2021.

You should also consider the fact that upon sign up you are eligible to get invited to the casino VIP program and that is only up to you whether you want to take part – but I should place a little spoiler here – you definitely should as the advantages you are going to get here are outrageous.

At last, if you have dealt with the majority of coupons the casinos place in the promotions section we will show how the has changed an approach to the bonus codes – as the majority of them here do not need any playthrough requirements to be complied.

If you are interested in the great bunch of the special offers provided by the casino just forth below to find out all the things you really need to know about the gambling experience you can get here.

Welcome Pack

The welcome pack of the Club Player Casino makes a great matter of interest due to the boost you get at the start of the gambling process with this outstanding generous offer. Actually, I haven’t seen much casinos offering players a 450% bonus on the first deposit made, so just look at it and pay attention to this opportunity.

In order to use the sign up bonus code you need to create an account on the and ligon to your account. This bonus code is eligible only for the first deposit you make, so do not miss your chance with making a first deposit without claiming the bonus code and you should also consider an opportunity to cash in as much as you can as it is likely that with such a multiplier on the start of your gambling activity here, this is going to be the best deal you have ever made in the casino.

However, there are some terms and conditions you need to know about after you have redeemed the coupon. At first, the bonus itself is non-cashable, so at the moment you ask for a withdrawal it is going to be deducted from your account. That is how that works – let’s make an assumption that you have cashed in 100 Euros as your first deposit.

Afterwards, you have used the coupon code and got 350 Euros more on your account of bonus funds. During the gambling process you have won 2000 Euros and your amount on the balance makes 2550 Euros. When you request a withdrawal there will be 450 Euros deducted from your account so you will get as much as 2100 Euros cashed out.

There are also a couple of other limitations – there is no way you can get more than 10x withdrawn as a cash when you use the bonus funds and what is more you need to comply the 30x playthrough requirement in order to get all the funds on your account and be able to request a withdrawal. For some games it makes 60x.

It may seem that with all those restriction the bonus code is useless, however, if you compare it to the bonuses provided by all other casinos from England to New Zealand it is going to be obvious that here your winning chances are increased dramatically if compring that to your deposit you make. The thing is all you need to do to use your bonus code on maximum is to play games with higher chances of winning and show better gambling activity than usually maybe – and that is all as all the limitations imposed are not really significant if you figure that out.

Anyway, it was much said about the welcome bonus you get, and you need to know what kind of other bonus codes are available for you in this outstanding gambling facility.

Specialized Bonus Codes

In this section we are going to review specialized bonus codes that are mostly designed to provide you either with magnificent benefits or can be used for your good when you play specified games which are divided by groups and categories. These bonus codes are going to be very generous and very giving – you are going to notice that when you will be reading through the paragraphs below.

Slots and Keno

This match bonus was designed for the Keno and Slots that are presented in the lobby of the ClubPlayer Casino and here you can get as much as 330% match bonus.

With the bonus funds you get you can make bets on slots and Keno without any limitations and there is one more thing you need to more – no playthrough or wager requirement is imposed which means that you do not need to make a specified sum of bets with these funds in order to request a withdrawal.

however, there is another limitation which is about the fact that the bonus is not deductible, so in case you ask for the cash out you will get the whole sum you have one your account in cash minus the bonus amount you had. However, concerning the fact that you may win much more than the bonus funds you have got credited to your account that won’t be a problem.

By the way, the cashout amount is also not limited, so even if you win 100x from the bonus you can withdraw the whole sum from the online casino account balance.

All Allowed Games

This kind of the bonus code is the same as for the previous one where you had an opportunity to increase your deposit for the slots games, however, this one is eligible for all the games in the list that are eligible for bonus codes and the amount of money you get on your bonus balance on the top of the deposit you made makes 200%.

Just like for the previous promo code there is no cashout limit or playthrough imposed. The only thing is that your deposit shouldn’t be less than $50 and that’s all, so just enjoy your staying with the Club Player Casino and these bonus codes and do not forget that there are more of them prepared for your good.

Large Slots Bonus

This is the kind of bonus you have hardly seen in other online casino as it grants you with an opportunity to get as much as 650% of bonus funds on top of your deposit. That means that in case you have made a deposit of $100 you can get $650 on top of that on your bonus account and use them to play Bing, Slots and Keno – that is how much you can claim for this outstanding bonus code.

What is more here you have only a 30x wager to comply and considering the kind of the boost this bonus gives to your deposit these are very nice terms which can be hardly ignored by the gambler no matter how much he wants to deposit.

Actually, the number 650% is something I have never seen previously when analyzing casino promotions and that is the reason to pay attention to this offer. However, there is something you can claim to be bad news as well as there is imposed a 10x maximum cashout which means you can withdraw more than 10 multiplied on your bonus funds in case you win. However, considering the fact this bonus increases your deposit dramatically you are likely not to be disappointed.

VIP Exclusive

This promo code is one of the two ones in the promotions section that are eligible only for VIP players. No matter which status you possess now, if you are in the VIP program you can easily use any of them.  Here along with the deposit bonus which makes 250% you also get 30% of loss insurance. What does that mean?

That means that in case you manage to lose your deposit and the overall activity will lead to losses, 30% of the funds you have lost will be returned on your account and that means you get almost zero chances to lose everything with such a policy imposed.

Only VIP 225%/375%

This bonus is also available only for VIP players and gives you an opportunity to claim either 225% or 375% bonus funds on your account. You may ask why would anybody need to claim 225% when one could get 375%.

well, there are two reason – the first is that promo code can be used 2 times per month only and the second is that the bonus is deductible from the withdrawal you request next which means that you may want to get this deductible amount to be less than it could be with the maximum bonus code claimed.

Boost Your Bonus

This promo code is intended to increase the bonus you have already claimed and can be used once a week. Each Wednesday you can add 25% to the deposit bonus you have claimed earlier.

In case you have claimed a promo code that allows you to increase your deposit on 200% you can get 225% instead just by activating this promo code instantly. There are no additional terms or conditions you need to qualify upon usage of this promo code no matter whether it is about free spins or no deposit bonus.

VIP Program

The VIP Program launched by the ClubPlayer is a masterpiece of loyalty program and one of the most rewarding offers I’ve ever seen in the online casinos in 2021. The thing is that here you are not obligated to participate in the VIP program if you do not want to, and that is something that you rarely see in the casinos that launch such a kind of program as usually you are up to participate from the moment of your first login and deposit.

The second which I have noticed here as something special is the fact you have outstanding offers here which you won’t see anywhere else. That is why this program has to be reviewed separately and in details.

Let’s talk about the most notable and rewarding feature of this program at first – insurance on part of your losses. The figure starts from the 15% which you can claim monthly and that is more than a cash back really.

Just imagine that this month you have played in the casino and you have a really bad month and with your deposit of $1000 you have lost as much as $500. Well, in the regular casino you have only these $500 that have left to try to play and cover your losses, but that is not something you deal with in the ClubPlayer. Here you get a monthly cash back in case you participate in the VIP program and it starts from 15% of your losses. That means that if you have a bronze status you will get as much 15% multiplied by $500 which makes 75$ back on your account and if you have an ELITE status you will get $200.

When you play in ushc a casino it is really hard to lose as your losses are covered on the permanent basis once a month and if you also remember about all those generous bonus codes you can claim on the daily basis here, it is understood that there are almost unlimited options for getting advantages from your membership in ClubPlayers.

Now we should also talk about the chip code you get when you lift up your status in the VIP program. Actually, that is a no deposit bonus which you can cash out on your account – and you get it just for being a member of a club and can use to play free games and still win real money.

The higher is your status the more value has a free chip you have claimed and the more free games you can get with it. This is much more valuable that the no deposit bonuses or free spins that are provided in other online casinos due to the fact the chips are equivalents of real money.

Moreover, you should know that all the chips get applied to the wager requirements that makes 30x, however, unlike the deposit bonuses here you do not need to cash in even a cent in order to get this benefit.

You also may be interested in the comp points that are pointed out in the terms of the VIP program. Well, comp points are really the same thing as the loyalty points in the majority of other online casinos, and in the ClubPlayer they can be used to get exchanged on cash which you can use to gamble the majority of the casino games.

In order to gather the comp points you need to increase your gambling activity and make bets – for example, in order to get 1 comp point when you have Silver status you need to make bets on a sum that exceeds $800 and then you can exchange comp points collects on real money on your bonus account. Just consider the fact that you cannot exchange less than 1000 comp points at once and that the exchange rate for comp points and real money always remains the same no matter which kind of status you have in the casino – it is always going to make 100 comp points per $1.

The real VIP gambling in the Club Player Casino starts when you reach the Platinum status as here you get much more than for the all previous status. At first, you get additional benefits like your own personal representative which deals with you when you gamble and helps you to make the best decisions. Secondly, you get the main advantage – personalized bonus codes which you can use just like you want. Those personalized promo codes are developed on the basis of your gambling activity and can make either no deposit bonuses, free spins or any other kind of coupons you would like to redeem.

At last, there is a new option for you – making higher and increase of your withdrawal limits. That is all about to give you an opportunity to play real major games in the Club Player Casino which other players cannot play unless they get the same status as you.

It has to be mentioned that unlike the majority of other online casinos that have implemented a VIP program here you move up not on the basis of the bets you have made, but on the basis of the deposit amounts you have cashed in.

It cannot be said for sure which kind of an approach is better and more fair, however, if you talk about the approach that is implemented in the casino ClubPlayer it has to be said that here a gambler doesn’t have to wait months until he can get a really high status as everything could be solved by cashing in a big deposit amount partially or as a whole sum. Thus, you will be able to claim the greatest bonus codes and terms from the beginning of your gambling activity in the

Moreover, the fact that here you can freely claim no deposit bonus codes is also a matter of concern which makes a great difference with other casinos. Anyway, in case you are interested in getting a sophisticated and advance VIP program this casino is surely a good place to choose.

Mobile and Desktop Gambling

In the recent years the majority of the traffic that is consumed by the users is transacted through the mobile device and that is the reason why so many casinos in the world are trying to make that all to provide users with the mobile optimized services.

The majority of the gambling facilities just optimize websites in order to make a performance of the website on mobile devices smoother and more stable and handy. However, some of the casinos make a step forward in this direction and provide users with the mobile apps.

The mobile apps allow users to reach the casino services in one click via the software downloaded and installed on the smartphone or tablet. Sometimes that is much more convenient than just using the mobile browser as the interface is much more responsive and all the activities can be conducted in a better way.

The Club Player Casino has chosen this path to satisfy the majority of the gamblers that use this outstanding online gambling facility. On the website – on the top right corner of the home page you can download an app via the QR-code.

The app that was developed by the casino is cross-platform so you can use it both on Android and iOS devices – that are good news for all those who prefer mobile apps. However, that doesn’t mean the casino itself is not mobile optimized. You can easily gamble on via your browser and benefit from outstanding performance of instant play if you have no free space on your smartphone or if you do not an app installed on your phone – the choice is completely up to you.

You also can download a PC client for the Windows on your computer and install it in several clicks. The Pc version can be used to reach the service in one click and enjoy from the full screen gambling which is not limited by the flash player capabilities and only depends on your screen resolution and power of your graphic card.

That is all what you can do to improve your gambling experience dramatically by getting visually more qualitative picture and of course it doesn’t matter what kind of device you use – you will have the same opportunities and promo codes available – just make a login to your account.


All in all it has to be mentioned that with such a number of promo codes available there are many reasons to pay attention for the Club Player Casino.

Written by Reginald Underwood