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High Noon Casino: Grab Your Coupons And Win Big

Has it ever occurred to you how far back the casino culture dates? Well, the truth is that no one actually knows the precise date since casinos are found throughout history, starting with ancient Greece. However, when modern people think about the casino they usually imagine Wild West saloon of the 20th century. The fact is that the modern casino idea and the way the saloons looked and operated in the early 1930s coincides a little. That is why many land-based casinos as well as online ones try to replicate the atmosphere and recreate the vibe.

It is true that the vast majority of online casinos try to come up with an entirely fresh outlook, but there are some that prefer to stick to the basics. Can’t say that we blame them. High Noon Casino, for instance, is that one Wild West saloon of the 21st century. The creators did their best to recreate the vibe and also the atmosphere, we think that as we proceed with the review you will grow to think the same.

Casino policy

Many players pay a lot of attention to the fact of how long the casino has been operating. The truth is that fresh casinos are nice in terms of all possible innovative features introduced while the older ones have the reputation, and in the majority of cases the trustworthiness is what matters.

HighNoon Casino was founded almost ten years ago – in 2010. When you think about it for a while a decade in the business says a lot. Apart from that, the casino has been cooperating with Real Time Gaming software the reputation of which precedes it. The casino was originally created by Club World Casinos Group. However, the owners changed in 2016.

The change of casino holders hasn’t affected the casino reputation yet, and let’s hope that things will remain that way. Apart from trusted software as well as the holder’s group, the casino is regulated by Curacao Gaming Authority and holds its license which ensures its fairness as well as safety.

So far, the casino has proved to be professional and secure, as for the rest we will discuss all the details as we move on with the review.

Layout and languages

We have already mentioned it that Casino High Noon is a cowboy-themed casino. The fact is that such a design isn’t something you are going to come across on a regular basis. Even that fact that the casino was created almost ten years ago does not influence the genuine and peculiar vibe. The moment you enter the site, it feels like you entered a Wild West saloon which has a lot of thrills and adventures on offer.

That fact that the casino is quite unusual looking when compared to all the other modern casinos does not seem too distraction, the casino is organized in such a way that everything you may require is easy to access. Games and promotions are separate chapters to browse through, as well as all the games are sorted into logical categories. Be it a new user or an experienced one, it won’t take you long to get the hang of the casino.

The only downside is that the only language that is presented in the casino is English. However, taking that fact that it is the universal language into consideration, it shouldn’t bother you much.

All in all, the casino is not only nice to look at, but it is also simple to navigate as well as to load. Besides, if instant Play is not your cup of tea, the casino offers a downloadable version that can be easily installed on your desktop.

Game offers

No matter what some may say, but the games are the most attractive part of any casino, well and welcome bonus too, but we are going to review the latte a bit later. If there is a poor selection of games on offer, there is rarely a chance that the casino will be popular. If you consider that fact that Casino High Noon has been in the industry for about ten years, this will bring you to the conclusion that the game list is satisfying.

To tell you the truth, you are partially right, assuming that. Even though there are many games presented in the casino, their range is not that impressive when compared to some larger casinos. Nevertheless, the casino runners are centered around the quality over quantity. What is that supposed to mean? It means that all the games on offer in the casino are powered by RTG, in case you do not know, this software is known for its quality games, both slots, table games as well as parlor ones.

All the games can be played through your browser, or you can download the software and enjoy them on your computer, whether Mac or Windows OS you prefer.

When it comes to slots, there is a huge variety of popular games to choose from. What is more, the casino is always trying to update the game gallery, and there are some newest additions presented too. You can either give the game a run for fun, or you can play for real money. It is always advised to opt for the former unless you are perfectly familiar with the gameplay as well as the rules.

Unlike many other casinos, that solely centered around the slot games, HightNoon Casino is particularly interested in table games. There is an impressive list of all possible table games to pick from. Roulette, blackjack, baccarat – all covered. Besides, the poker section is presented separately.

All in all, there are over 130 games presented in the casino. We agree that the number is not that impressive when compared to casinos that offer over 1000 games to be played. However, it is better to choose the quality game and a trusted vendor than to opt for something new and unknown, don’t you think?


Live casino

We do not stop repeating that many casinos achieve that peculiar land-based casino feeling by presenting the Live casino section in the casino. However, that is where  appears to be different. The thing is there is no Live Casino section in this casino. If live dealer games are your preferable gaming poison, the particular casino will disappoint you.

Mobile gambling

Being mobile these days is one of the greatest advantages of this technological era. Owning a quality mobile phone or tablet with a stable Internet connection opens a lot of horizons in front of you. Clearly, online casinos couldn’t have let such a thing out. That is why many modern online casinos offer suitable mobile versions fit for almost all types of mobile phones and tablets.

That fact that the High Noon Casino was created in 2010 should not mislead you into assuming that it is too old to be mobile. On the contrary, while many casinos these days force players to download some third-party apps to be able to participate in the casino, high Noon offers you the ability to enjoy your favorite games from your browser.

The interface, as well as the layout, does not differ much from the desktop version, it may look a little more compact, but the functionality remains the same. All the games that are available in computer mode are also available in mobile one. Except for Live casino, since the section is non-existent.

The only requirement is a strong Internet connection, and that is quite obvious. Other than that, HighNoon casino allows the player to participate in their favorite games no matter how far away they are from their desktops.


That fact that there is no Live casino in the High Noon casino may lead you to the conclusion that the welcome offer is absent as well. We rush to assure you that it is not true, the casino runners couldn’t have gone that far as to leave the bonus out. We can tell you even more, they played around with the welcome offer so that it would meet every customer’s preferences.

To begin with, there is a no deposit bonus offer available in the casino. The minute you create an account with the casino you can claim $60 bonus. We know, that the moment you spot the sum it is natural to say that it is more than a generous offer. However, you need to remember that there are terms and conditions composed by the casino to be carried out. First of all, the staking requirements are 20x the amount, besides the won sum should not exceed $300. This means that even if you win more than $300, you still won’t be allowed to withdraw more than the stated amount. These are the no deposit bonus rules. Let’s move on!

The actual welcome offer that is provided after you make your primary deposit is divided into two. Once again, such an approach ensures that all the users’ preferences are taken into consideration.

Welcome Slots Offer

If you are a huge slot fan, then this bonus is precisely what you should claim. The thing is that the casino offers you a 200% bonus on all the slots and related games such as keno games and scratch cards.

How do you claim it? The process is very simple, you just login into your account, and click Cashier. After that you will be granted the bonus code which you should use to get the welcome offer. When your primary deposit is confirmed, and the code is used you can enjoy up to $2000 bonus that you can spend on the slots you like. Nevertheless, you should not forget that there are staking requirements too, you need to wager both the deposited sum as well as the won amount 25 times. It is easy to admit that when compared to other sources, that is a fair staking requirement.

Welcome Table Games Offer

It goes without saying that not all casino players are equally in love with slots, and some prefer table games to all the other casino offers. That is why High Noon casino decided to split the welcome offer into two and let the player decide which one he or she prefers. If table games are your passion, then you should claim the corresponding offer. The claiming process is the same as with the slot bonus. You need to redeem the bonus code, use it to confirm your deposit and then do what you prefer with the granted bonus.

The table offer comes as a 100% bonus that can be spent on all the games apart from Baccarat, Craps, Roulette and Sic Bo. Besides, the bonus amount should not exceed $500. As for the staking requirements, you should wager the won amount 50 times before you can withdraw the money. We must say that in this case the requirements are quite strict.


The welcome offer is not the only treat presented in the casino. All the regulars are treated by the casino daily. The fact is that there is a special daily offer available for all the players. Some of them include free chips, and some provide free spins to benefit from as well as cash backs. So, it is best to check the promotions on offer daily.

Deposits and withdrawals

Players who are participating in the casino for fun only, should not worry about the payment section. However, those of you who decide to play for real should read it carefully. It is not like there are some restricted payment options in the casino. On the contrary, there is a wide variety of methods to choose from. You can deposit or withdraw using your cards, e-wallets, and even Bitcoin. The only downside is that the payment method availability may depend upon the country of residence. That is why it is best to check in advance which options are available for your country since those that are applied to Canada may not work in England and vice versa.

As for the depositing time, all the deposits are almost instant no matter whether a desktop or mobile device you are playing from. Nevertheless, when it comes to withdrawing, it may take a little longer for the player to receive the won funds. In most cases, the delay may occur due to a certain payment option rather than because of the casino itself.

It needs to be stated that the maximum withdrawal amount is quite low when compared to other casinos, it is only $3000 per week. For those of you who are used to winning big, this may be a huge disadvantage, but in general it is acceptable.

There are no additional fees that the casino requires, the only fees to be checked beforehand are the ones that your payment method may include.

All in all, it is safe to say that the payment system of the casino is well-though and secure so that there are rarely any issues occurring.

Customer support

Customer Support matter no matter the website you are using, and if it is an online casino we are talking about, professional support is a must. We have already mentioned it that the casino has been on the market for a while now, but that does not mean that new players will not have questions arising.

We are going to begin the support section review with the FAQ section since it is the first thing that a user thinks of when it comes to an issue arising. The section is quite informative and complete, but it is not always enough. That is why there is also phone support on offer. You can call the support team and state the question that bothers you. Besides, the number is toll-free which is clearly a thoughtful touch.

In case you are not feeling like talking to anyone on the phone, you can always use the Live chat option. The support provided via live chat will be as qualified and helpful as if you were talking to the agent over the phone. However, all the agents are English speaking. You should keep that in mind.

Lastly, you can contact the support by sending them an email with a stated issue, but you should be ready to wait a couple of hours until you hear back from the team.

To tell the truth, the support option that the casino offers is the most complete when compared to other casinos that offer Live chat or email option only.

Responsible Gaming

Just like any other self-respecting casino, cares deeply about the well-being of their customers. What does that mean? It may sound strange, but for some players gambling can become something other than mere entertainment. The truth is that online gaming is that case when the fun can transform into a serious addiction. That is why it is so important that a casino is able to provide each player with the means that can help him or her manage their gambling. Usually, these means involve all sorts of limits that can be placed over the account to avoid any dangerous outcome.

Casino High Noon allows the customers to limit their deposits, losses, and time spent online. What is more, you can even deactivate the account for a while when necessary.



When it comes to our financial state as well as private information, it is only natural that all of us want the data to be safe. When you are creating your account with a certain casino, you are bound to provide the personal details. It is not that a casino wants to use the details against you, it is just this data ensures your identity, and in case of winning, you can successfully claim the won amount.

No matter how logical it sounds, we live in 2021 and date thefts as well as cyber-attacks are more than common. That is why, before you create your account with any casino, you should be aware that the level of data protection on the site is of the highest level.

When it comes to Casino High Noon, it should be stated that the casino uses the most modern SSL encryption which rules out hacking or cyber theft. Apart from that the casino ensures the fairness of the play as well. This means that all the numbers are random and the casino has no hold over any game so that anything you win or spend is either a bit of good luck or a bit of bad luck. It depends upon every game.

Lastly, to prove the casino security, Casino High Noon holds one of the respective licenses in the world – Curacao Gaming Authority license.


We have reached the end of our precise review of one of the most experienced casinos in the industry, and it is time to sum all the information up. High Noon Casino is barely new to the stage and that means not only experience but also the reputation. What is more, the fact that the casino remained on top for almost a decade proves the constant development and hard work to become one of the best casinos in the industry.

When you compare the design that the casino comes with other modern casinos, it will surely stand out, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. The fact is that the resemblance to the Wild West saloon makes the casino even more appealing in terms of the outlook.

As for the game offers, it is safe to say that the game range is enough to satisfy your gambling needs, but some more games can be introduced. Besides, the absence of Live casino may scare many customers away.

On the bright side, the possibility to choose the welcome offer that suits your needs is a perfect touch, not to mention that fact that there are also daily promotions to benefit from.

The range of payment options does not differ from the majority of online casinos, with the exception that bitcoin payments are accepted too.

All in all, it is safe to say that High Noon Casino is a reliable casino that should be checked out by all the slot fans among you!

Written by Reginald Underwood